• The set of Online Modules includes five integrated modules developed in a logical sequence which can also be studied independently if the ECEC professionals wish to deepen a particular topic. In particular, ECEC professionals are provided with a range of resources for each module among which a lengthy and detailed description of the module’s topic, accompanied by a training presentation and several interactive activities. These modules were developed based on the curricular guidelines from each participant country, the state of the art, and the needs assessment conducted on earlier results and activities.

    The e-learning course follows bespoke pedagogical approaches and learning theories, and is consisted of five modules aiming to strengthen teacher knowledge and capacity and providing evidence-based practices for promoting socioemotional development in ECEC, a crucial dimension in child development and wellbeing, and a transversal domain in all partner countries. PBS-ECEC online course is a guiding and supporting tool for ECEC teachers to help them designing and implementing PW-PBS, with specific emphasis on training centre-based ECEC teams to deliver key elements of PW-PBS across ECEC settings.